There Are Simple Things You Can Do to Help Prevent Fractured Dental Work

Every year dentists use dental veneers, dental bridges, dental crowns and other types of dental work to address a wide range of oral health concerns. They are commonly used to address issues with tooth decay, damaged tooth enamel or cosmetic imperfections. While they are meant to be durable enough to match the natural structural integrity… Read more »

Yellow Teeth From Coffee Drinking Reversed With Teeth Whitening

There are literally millions of happily addicted coffee drinkers in the world. Coffee shops incessantly pop up on every street corner, and there seems to be no end to it. The average individual has a morning ritual that he/she performs religiously with coffee at the center. Even when understanding that coffee colors the teeth, still,… Read more »

Superb Smiles Include Treatments During Cold and Flu Season

If you are suffering from the cold and the flu, effective guidelines need to be in place to enhance your oral health. To set up preventive damage treatment methods, you will need to make sure your smile is functioning at maximum effectiveness in times of need. One particular risky time for your smile often occurs… Read more »

Dental Advice on Dentures

  Dentures are designed to enhance your smile in numerous ways. Not only can they help restore functions that have been lost due to missing teeth, they can also make you look younger in appearance, they can complete your smile for an aesthetically pleasing look once more. In addition, numerous oral health ailments are associated… Read more »

The Secret to a Damage-Free Smile

In order to ensure your smile receives the necessary care, it is a good idea to establish a tooth hazard prevention checklist to assess all aspects of your life and what you can do to help keep your teeth and gums free of risks. Even little-known habits that you may be involved in, or everyday… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Replace a Tooth That Fractured at the Gumline

As a cavity continues to grow, an increasing amount of the tooth’s structural integrity is depleted. If you choose not to have the tooth decay treated in a reasonable amount of time, the tooth could suffer a severe fracture. In a case where the root of the tooth has also decayed, or an infection has… Read more »

Root Canals: Falsehoods and Truths

When it comes to root canals, you may have heard some falsehoods. If you are considering such a procedure yourself, let set your heart at ease: False: Root canals are painful. True: Root canals can permanently pain when it is created by infected pulp inside the tooth. Decades ago, the procedure itself may have meant… Read more »

Dental Crowns: An Overview

If you have a chomper that needs a cap, a dental crown is the way to do it: dental crowns, which are prosthetic dental apparatuses, cover pearly whites for restorative purposes. Crowns are often used when a cavity threatens the health of a tooth, but there are other reasons why our dentist might endorse them…. Read more »

What Should I Do If I Knocked a Tooth Out Away From Home?

Unfortunately, dental emergencies happen, even when you’re away from home. This is quite inconvenient and even scary, but there is no need to worry—everything will be OK, thanks to the great dental professionals and treatments in the world today. If you’re away from home and you have knocked a tooth out of place, our dentist,… Read more »

Dealing With Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is a common oral condition that is caused by an infection of the gum tissue. As gum disease progresses from gingivitis to severe gum disease, your teeth may begin to fall out. Gum disease should be addressed as soon as symptoms appear. For more information about gum disease, see… Read more »