Is there any part of your smile that you would like to fix? Composite bonding can be used to enhance the appearance of your smile. Composite bonding is a popular solution for fixing several cosmetic flaws, such as:

• Reducing the amount of space between teeth
• Restoring fractured and chipped teeth
• Covering discolored areas
• Reshaping misshapen teeth

Dr. Amit B. Patel is skilled in using composite bonding to fix cosmetic problems that are affecting your smile. There are many advantages to composite bonding in Ashburn, Virginia. The composite is very versatile, which allows for composite bonding to solve a wide range of cosmetic issues. The composite that the dentist chooses will very closely match the color of your teeth. Also, applying the composite bond to your teeth is a very quick process that can usually be done within a single short visit to Ashburn General Dentistry.

While there are many advantages to composite bonding, the composite material is not as strong as other materials, and fracturing is a possibility. Composites are also more liable to staining than other materials, such as porcelain or real teeth.

If you would like more information about how composite bonding can help improve the appearance of your smile, feel free to contact our office today!