If you suffer from severe tooth pain, it may be caused by a tooth that is badly damaged or infected. In some cases, it may be necessary for your tooth to be removed in order to restore the health of your smile. Dr. Amit B. Patel may prescribe a tooth extraction if:

• The damage and decay to a tooth is so severe that it cannot effectively be restored with a dental filling, crown, or other restoration
• A large portion of the tooth and supporting bone structure has been destroyed from infection
• Your mouth is overcrowded by too many teeth

Another common reason for tooth extraction is when a patient needs wisdom teeth removal. You can trust that your experienced dentist at Ashburn General Dentistry will only recommend tooth extraction if it is truly necessary for restoring your oral health. Tooth extraction can prevent overcrowding in the mouth and prevent infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth. Tooth extraction can also allow for your mouth to begin healing so that replacement options can give you a healthy new smile. We will discuss tooth replacement options with you before and after your tooth extraction in Ashburn, Virginia so that we can give you the healthy, beautiful smile that you deserve. To learn more about our tooth extraction procedure or to schedule a consultation, please call or visit our office today.