Whether you have a new cavity or want to replace an old metal or amalgam filling, we offer white dental fillings in Ashburn, Virginia. Fillings are used to replace and restore tooth structure that has decayed or fractured. For our fillings, Dr. Amit B. Patel uses white composite fillings that give your smile a natural look and feel.

The fillings that we offer save you from any embarrassment of having unattractive metal fillings and the health risks of silver and mercury fillings that have been used in the past. The state-of-the-art procedures that we have at Ashburn General Dentistry replace the older fillings with tooth-colored materials such as composite resin and porcelain. The composite will bond with your original existing tooth structure, which will strengthen the tooth and prevent further decay in the future. To place the white filling in the tooth, our talented dentist will remove all decay or old metal fillings and sculpt the composite material to fit the shape of the tooth and bite. To harden and seal the filling, a special light is used to complete the process. If you have any questions or want to schedule a visit to our office, feel free to contact our dental office today.