If you are have a tooth that is extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, or if you are experiencing severe pain in your tooth, you may have a tooth that is infected in its dental pulp and nerves. These inner areas of the tooth can become infected when tooth decay reaches past the outer layers of the tooth. If you fail to treat the infected and damaged tooth pulp and nerves, the tooth is at risk of dying and may need to be extracted. In order to save your damaged tooth, our caring dentist provides root canal therapy. During root canal therapy, the infected dental pulp, nerves, and tissue are removed from the tooth. Then, the tooth is cleaned and filled with a material that restores the health of the tooth. The tooth is then sealed with a dental crown or a filling. This procedure is usually completed in just one or two visits to Ashburn General Dentistry.

Contrary to the popular misconception, a root canal in Ashburn, Virginia is usually not any more uncomfortable than a standard filling. The root canal therapy that Dr. Amit B. Patel performs actually does far more to relieve pain in your teeth than cause it. If you are experiencing tooth pain, we recommend that you contact our dental office to schedule a visit today. We are dedicated to improving your dental health.