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Dentures are designed to enhance your smile in numerous ways. Not only can they help restore functions that have been lost due to missing teeth, they can also make you look younger in appearance, they can complete your smile for an aesthetically pleasing look once more. In addition, numerous oral health ailments are associated with missing teeth, so it’s important to make sure your smile is filled with a complete set of teeth through the help of a prosthetic such as dentures.

To help ensure your smile can continue to function effectively, it is important to make sure that all missing teeth are replaced as soon as possible. If left untreated, the voids in your dental profile can become homes for plaque buildup and decay that will lead to further dental erosion. Furthermore, gum destabilization, tooth slippage, a weakened jawbone, and a sunken in facial structure can all occur due to missing and lost teeth not being treated effectively. Always replace a missing tooth with an effective tooth prosthetic such as dentures.

If you fail to clean your dentures effectively, they will not be able to function as intended. In addition, they are extremely fragile, so you must always handle them with care. When removing them every night for routine cleanings, always make sure to immediately put them in a denture cleaning solution. Leaving them out to dry can easily cause damage and cracking. If for any reason they should ever break, just bring them to your dentist for repairs and never try to fix them yourself. In addition, avoid abrasive cleaning materials on them including bleach, hot water, or teeth whiteners.

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