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When it comes to root canals, you may have heard some falsehoods. If you are considering such a procedure yourself, let Ashburn General Dentistry set your heart at ease:

False: Root canals are painful.

True: Root canals can permanently pain when it is created by infected pulp inside the tooth. Decades ago, the procedure itself may have meant severe discomfort, but in this day and age, there are anesthetics and advanced technology that guarantee that a root canal can be no more unpleasant than a dental filling.

False: An extraction is a better solution.

True: A root canal is usually the best option because it means your natural tooth can be permanently saved. Root canals are typically successful and last an entire lifetime. Extractions necessitate additional procedures like tooth replacements or dental work to nearby affected teeth.

False: Root canals lead to illness.

True: No concrete evidence suggests a link between root canals and other diseases. This myth was perpetuated by badly designed research from almost a century ago which has since been debunked.

If you need a root canal, do not delay in calling Ashburn General Dentistry in Ashburn, Virginia at 703.724.4470 as soon as possible. Dr. Amit B. Patel and our excellent dental team would be delighted to offer you the fast, high-quality relief that you seek.