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Straight teeth not only contribute to the aesthetic appearance of a beautiful smile, they also help to protect your mouth from gum disease and tooth decay. Some people are reluctant to seek orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth because they fear it will be uncomfortable or they’re extremely self-conscious about braces.

Here at Ashburn General Dentistry, we are dedicated to helping you develop a beautiful, healthy smile that empowers you with confidence. To that end, we address those common reservations by using the remarkable Invisalign® system, which consists of a series of virtually invisible plastic retainers that cover the teeth, slowly realigning them into their proper positions.

The Invisalign® “aligners” can be removed for eating, brushing your teeth and flossing. The custom-made series of aligners are specifically designed for your teeth, and they are made of smooth, comfortable plastic that is worn over your teeth, so it doesn’t irritate your cheeks or gums, like some metal braces do. There are no metal brackets, wires or rubber bands.

With the Invisalign® system, you will receive a new aligner to wear approximately every two weeks until the completion of your treatment. We’ll monitor your progress through occasional checkups, usually once every six weeks.

Many of our patients at Ashburn General Dentistry love Invisalign® because it’s barely noticeable, and you don’t have to put your life on hold for this orthodontic treatment.

So, if you’ve wanted to improve your confidence in your appearance, come and talk to us about how Invisalign® can enhance your smile. Feel free to call our office at 703.724.4470 for an appointment.