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In order to ensure your smile receives the necessary care, it is a good idea to establish a tooth hazard prevention checklist to assess all aspects of your life and what you can do to help keep your teeth and gums free of risks. Even little-known habits that you may be involved in, or everyday products that you are using, could be slowly wearing down your smile. Thus, it is important to establish what you can do to keep your smile safe. Here are a few tips to remember:

– It is essential to make sure you’re not using your teeth to bite products that are not meant to be bitten. In addition, avoid biting into ice or any other hard products that can easily chip and crack your teeth. Exercise caution with any unhealthy habits that include chewing on substances that are not meant to be chewed on, including your nails.

– Tobacco is a substance that is known to cause stained teeth, lead to bad breath, and eventually cause severe damage to your smile. Thus, avoid smoking or chewing tobacco, as it can lead to several serious risks to your oral health, including tooth loss and cancer.

– Even though we often think of wine as being a healthy substitute for other forms of alcohol, the truth is wine is hazardous to our oral health. Not only can wine greatly heighten your risk for stains and discolorations, but the acidity in wine can chew through your tooth enamel.

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