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There are literally millions of happily addicted coffee drinkers in the world. Coffee shops incessantly pop up on every street corner, and there seems to be no end to it. The average individual has a morning ritual that he/she performs religiously with coffee at the center.

Even when understanding that coffee colors the teeth, still, it is nigh impossible to convince hardcore coffee addicts to give up the beverage. It could be the case that the benefits provided to coffee drinkers (alertness, productivity) outweigh the potential social deterrence (yellow teeth). It could also be that, unlike in the past, we have teeth whitening products available on the market that can easily reverse the effects of excess coffee consumption.

Once upon a time, you couldn’t bring back the beauty of discolored teeth. Now, every pharmacy and grocery store in the nation has something on the shelves that can help to brighten your smile. When the acids in coffee conspire to infiltrate the enamel on your teeth, turning them yellow, you can can simply slap on some tooth whitening strips, or use a tooth whitening toothpaste, or soak your teeth in a tray of peroxide for half an hour. Your dentist can even provide professional teeth whitening that is more effective and longer-lasting than those you can buy over-the-counter. All of this is available now to the coffee lover. So, thankfully, there is really no need to give it up.

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